We don’t need long-awaited birthdays and age-old holidays to gather around close friends, set off fireworks, and throw a party. Routine and order can cloud your sense of spontaneity. Instead, let’s abandon the notion of set dates and holidays and celebrate the fact that we can spend time with those we love any day of the year.


Often the most thrilling experiences are unplanned. Keep every-days meaningful through random celebrations, with no rhyme or reason other than to celebrate the day. Make your own festivities. Revel in the moment as you break bread with kindred spirits. Clink glasses just because. Eat cake. Create your own rituals.

A word to the impromptu-wise:

1. Always have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge
2. Concoct a last-minute adventure. Pack some games and a blanket and get outside
3. Pre-prepare a playlist
5. Brace yourself for a bash

So have a ball, dance around, and enjoy today. Here’s to living it up, simply because it’s Saturday.

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