Off to London!

I’m headed to London this week with my guy, and I’m so excited to check out all of the places I’ve been dreaming of seeing in person. We’re booked for afternoon tea at Sketch and I’m giddy at the thought of that all-pink dream restaurant. Stay tuned for some London travel guides!

Film Friday: Daisies

Daises is one of my  favorite movies ever! It’s a 1966 German film by Věra Chytilová about two girls who realize that everything’s going bad in the world, so they might as well join in. They play pranks and rebel against a materialistic society in the most aesthetic way. There’s food fights, swinging from chandeliers, and a whole lot of flowers. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to check this movie out.

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My Glossier Favorites

Natural-looking makeup is major for me, and I LOVE Glossier for that exact reason. The whole brand is about bringing out the natural look and accentuating natural beauty—think freckles, dewy skin, and feathered eyebrows. I love so many of their products, and they’re perfect for when you want to run out of the door quickly, but have a nice natural glow. When I was in Tulum last year the humidity was so high that I couldn’t keep ANY makeup on my face, but luckily I had my Glossier products to keep me looking fresh. I’d use a bit of perfecting skin tint and boy brow, and voilà I was ready to go. My must-have Glossier products are boy brow, stretch concealer, haloscope, and perfecting tint. If you want to try it for yourself,  get 10% off your first purchase here.

Mansur Gavriel on Melrose

Last week I stopped by the new LA Mansur Gavriel location on Melrose, and I fell in love. I’ve been swooning over their shoes and bags (love love love this circle bag!) for so long, and their storefront is equally swoon-worthy. Honestly, between the bougainvillea and orange trees, it feels like you’re in an Italian villa. You can hang out in the cafe and have a latte or lunch, and it’s very relaxing.  I was so inspired I had to share!

Visiting the Stahl House

Seeing the iconic Stahl House in LA has been on my bucket list for SO long, and I’m so excited to check it off! I’ve always been obsessed with this Julius Schulman photo, and it was so magical to see the space in person. The all-glass house was designed by architect Pierre Koenig, and it’s such a dream. Everywhere you turn it’s beautiful, and that view! If you love mid-century modern architecture you’ve got to visit. Buy tickets to book a tour to the house right here.

Film Friday: Buffalo 66′

I’m really excited about this new column! Every week I’m featuring one of my favorite films here that I’d recommend for you to watch. This week it’s Vincent Gallo’s “Buffalo 66′”, a twisted Stockholm syndrome type of love story. There are so many things I love about this movie: the fact that it has some of my favorite King Crimson songs in it (watch the scene with Moonchild here),  Christina Ricci is amazing to watch, each shot is so well constructed, and that it’s about growing as a person even when that person is a total asshole. You can stream it on Hulu and Amazon Prime right now, or rent/buy it on Amazon here.

Flower People

These pressed florals on faces and hands have been catching my eye lately. My grandma used to always press flowers and frame them around her house, but WOW I’m so into the idea of putting them on people. How cool would it be to incorporate a few florals along your neck in a wedding? Kinda crazy, kinda obsessed with it!