Treves & Hyde in London

When I was doing research for our London trip, I stumbled upon the Leman Locke apartment hotel and fell in love. We had already booked our room, so we couldn’t stay but we made sure to stop by the downstairs section of the hotel: Treves & Hyde. It ended up being one of my favorite spots on the entire trip!  Originally I was going to only include it in my London travel guide (which will be up soon!), but I loved it so much I decided it needed its own post. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee, cocktail, or dinner. We fell in love and went back multiple times even though we were only in town for a few days! If you’re in London you’ve got to check it out.

Ahhh the design is so dreamy! Enter through the downstairs cafe and find yourself in a pastel heaven—lavender, mustard and blush pink,  a spiral staircase, and yummy pastries. Grab a coffee downstairs and chill, read a book, or work from WiFi. It’s such a treat for the eyes that I didn’t want to leave each time we came. Keep scrolling for some serious eye candy!

Up the stairs you gooooo! Once you make it upstairs there’s a cozy dining area. We just so happened to come in about an hour before they opened for dinner, and were welcomed with one of the best happy hours we had while in London—hello buy one get one free! We sipped on delicious cocktails and ended up happy hourin’ until dinner. Our waiter came and chatted with us about what we wanted to eat, and gave us cocktail pairings for each entree we ordered. Between the cocktails, entrees, and atmosphere you could tell that they paid attention to every detail. Needless to say they know what they’re doing here. I will go back again, and again next time I’m in London.

Afternoon Tea at sketch

One of the highlights of my anniversary trip (we were celebrating nine years together!) to London this month was afternoon tea in the sketch gallery.  It’s a total pink dreamworld from floor to ceiling, with the servers dressed in the cutest outfits to boot.

Right now, the gallery features the works of David Shrigley, and you really can get swept away looking around the room at all of the art. We went right after a renovation where they repainted and replaced his black and white drawings with colorful new pieces. The interior is by India Mahdavi, and I’m so impressed by her work, you can see more of it here. Everything from the wall art to the teapots features Shrigley’s work, and most of it is pretty funny too. I loved the contrast between the elegant tearoom and his satirical artwork. It felt kind of like some sort of interpretation of the high/low philosophy where you’re in this posh tearoom and there are literally drawings of poop on the wall. Haha!

The tea comes with your own personal teapot of your choice, tea sandwiches, pastries, and scones. I got the fresh flower tea and it literally tasted like flowers, so delicious!

Off to London!

I’m headed to London this week with my guy, and I’m so excited to check out all of the places I’ve been dreaming of seeing in person. We’re booked for afternoon tea at Sketch and I’m giddy at the thought of that all-pink dream restaurant. Stay tuned for some London travel guides!

Mansur Gavriel on Melrose

Last week I stopped by the new LA Mansur Gavriel location on Melrose, and I fell in love. I’ve been swooning over their shoes and bags (love love love this circle bag!) for so long, and their storefront is equally swoon-worthy. Honestly, between the bougainvillea and orange trees, it feels like you’re in an Italian villa. You can hang out in the cafe and have a latte or lunch, and it’s very relaxing.  I was so inspired I had to share!

Visiting the Stahl House

Seeing the iconic Stahl House in LA has been on my bucket list for SO long, and I’m so excited to check it off! I’ve always been obsessed with this Julius Schulman photo, and it was so magical to see the space in person. The all-glass house was designed by architect Pierre Koenig, and it’s such a dream. Everywhere you turn it’s beautiful, and that view! If you love mid-century modern architecture you’ve got to visit. Buy tickets to book a tour to the house right here.

Visiting the Neon Boneyard

I’ve got an obsession with neon signs, so the Neon Boneyard that houses all of the former neon signs of Las Vegas hotels is kind of like a slice of neon heaven to me.  It’s a magical glimpse into what the neon-lit night sky of Vegas used to look like! Some of the most classic mid-century Las Vegas signs are there—the Sands, the Stardust, and the Moulin Rouge to name a few. Don’t miss it next time you’re in the area. Book your appointment to go here!

Mexico City Travel Guide

mexico city travel guide | erika carlock

Last month I went to Mexico City and fell in love with this colorful place! I had no idea what a hidden gem it is, and that it’s easily one of the most affordable international trips you can take from the states. Plus, the flight from LA is as quick as a flight to Chicago. Low-cost and quick? Win, win.

Mexico City Travel Guide |