I’m going to Europe in 2 weeks and am beyond excited to explore and refresh! There’s something so awakening about being in a different country for a while. It’s my favorite way to regenerate and form new perspectives on life. We’re going from Amsterdam to Paris and then finishing the trip in the French Riviera.

Tulip Fields in the Netherlands | Erika Carlock

I can’t wait to see the Tulips in bloom in the Netherlands. So magical!

Paris is the longest part of our stay. I’m dreaming of the colored houses on Rue Crumeix, eating pastries every morning, and wandering the streets. I’m on the hunt for odd excursions, like visiting the musée de la chasse et de la nature; a museum full of art and taxidermy animals. And, of course, the catacombs. Then, we’re ending the trip in the French Riviera. Talk about a perfect ending.

Image Credit: tulips, rue crumeix , musée de la chasse et de la nature, french riveria

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