pantry staples

As someone who’s allergic to just about all of the common allergies (gluten, dairy, and more I won’t bore you with), I’ve learned to replace the common place pantry items with some pure alternatives that won’t make me sick.

Here are some of my must-have items, sans gluten and dairy:
1. Almond Milk Replace regular milk with unsweetened nut milks in your cereal. Try unsweetened almond milk, or hazelnut milk for tasty alternative to add to your coffee.
2. Brown Rice Flour There are many gluten-free flour alternatives but I find brown rice flour and almond flour to be the purest.
3. Super Seeded Multi-Grain Sliced Bread For a while there I thought gluten-free bread had to taste terrible, and feel like a brick. But after trying enough breads I’ve found this super seeded bread and never looked back. It’s so good that sometimes I forget it’s gluten-free.
4. Almond Butter Tip: Try to buy nut butters that list just “nuts” as ingredients.
5. Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix You can make almost anything gluten-free with this mix. I buy the huge bag and use it for anything and everything — pancakes, biscuits, fried chicken, the gluten-free possibilities are endless.
6. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta
Great tasting, wheat-free pasta. Nuff’ said.

Even if you’re not allergic these are some great products that, when combined with plant-based foods, can keep you feeling great without the fatigued feeling you would get from the wheat-based alternatives.

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